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Quality Policy

Basic Policy

Our quality policy is to make an all-out effort to economically manufacture products of the best quality that match the needs of our customers. In order to do that, we create a quality management system based on the requirements of our customers and ensure that each of our employees make continuous improvements.

Behavior Guidelines

  1. Our company ensures that all of our employees are aware of the importance of manufacturing and selling products so as to meet the requirements of our customers and to conform to laws and regulatory requirements.
  2. In order to improve product quality, we establish targets for product quality, conduct reviews on a regular basis, and initiate activities for improvement in a continuous manner.
  3. In order to fulfill our quality policy, we invest the necessary management resources to improve human resources development, our organizational structure, and our work environment.
  4. To ensure that each of our employees fully understand this policy and to prompt everyone to take action in order to carry out the ideas covered by this policy, we will post the slogan,
    "Everyone: Boost your awareness of product quality for customer satisfaction”
    within our office as enlightenment.

2014 May 1th
Takaoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
CEO Kazuhiro Nabe